Michael Kalkbrenner

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  • A M Perdon, G Conte, +18 authors Maple
  • 1992
Some canonical properties of nonlin-ear systems. 31] J.C. Willems. Input-output state-space representations of nite-dimensional linear time-invariant systems. 11 6] S. Diop. Diierential algebraic decision methods and some applications to system theory. Theoretical Comp. Sci., 1991. Special issue covering "Traitements Alg ebriques et Informatiques des S(More)
A computer algebra package for constructive algebraic geometry. 27] A.J. van der Schaft. On realization of nonlin-ear systems described by higher-order diieren-tial equations. The inverse problem of the one discussed above (going from state space to input-output form) is simpler, but not trivial: it corresponds directly to implicitization. For an extensive(More)
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