Michael Kalkbrenner

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This study reports the actions of enantiomer pairs of anesthetic steroids 3alpha5alphaP/ent-3alpha5alphaP and 3alpha5betaP/ent-3alpha5betaP as modulators of gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA)(A) receptors and as anesthetics. The enantiomers of structurally related 17-carbonitrile analogs also are examined. These studies were aimed at 1) determining whether the(More)
Neuroactive steroids have been postulated to cause anesthesia by binding to unique steroid recognition sites on gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA) receptors and modulating GABA receptor function. Steroids interact with these sites diastereoselectively, but it is unknown whether steroid sites show enantioselectivity. To address this issue, we synthesized(More)
  • A M Perdon, G Conte, In M A Kaashoek, J H Van Schuppen, A C M Ran, D Sontag +15 others
  • 1992
Some canonical properties of nonlin-ear systems. 31] J.C. Willems. Input-output state-space representations of nite-dimensional linear time-invariant systems. 11 6] S. Diop. Diierential algebraic decision methods and some applications to system theory. Theoretical Comp. Sci., 1991. Special issue covering "Traitements Alg ebriques et Informatiques des S(More)
  • R Gebauer, M Kalkbrenner, B Wall, F Winkler, Casa, In M A Kaashoek +18 others
  • 1992
A computer algebra package for constructive algebraic geometry. 27] A.J. van der Schaft. On realization of nonlin-ear systems described by higher-order diieren-tial equations. The inverse problem of the one discussed above (going from state space to input-output form) is simpler, but not trivial: it corresponds directly to implicitization. For an extensive(More)
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