Michael Kaib

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In the ant Myrmicaria eumenoides we investigated postpharyngeal and cuticular hydrocarbons. At eclosion the glands contained almost no hydrocarbons and there were no lipid inclusions in the glandular epithelium. During the first 3 weeks of adult life the amount of hydrocarbons in the gland increased until day 5, and then remained constant while the lipid(More)
We investigated the influence of juvenile hormones (JH) on the composition of cuticular hydrocarbons (CHCs) and the division of labor in colonies of the African ant Myrmicaria eumenoides. CHCs have long been implicated in nestmate recognition in social insect colonies. In M. eumenoides, the CHC profiles also vary with the task performed from(More)
Long ciliary rootlets are a characteristic feature of the dendritic inner segments of the sensory cells in insect sensilla. These rootlets are composed of highly ordered filaments and are regularly cross-striated. Colla-genase digestion and immunohistochemistry reveal thai the rootlets are probably not composed of collagen fibers. However, double-Iabeling(More)
We propose a fast variant of the Gaussian algorithm for the reduction of two{ dimensional lattices for the l 1 ?; l 2 ? and l 1 ?norm. The algorithm runs in at most O(n M(B) log B) bit operations for the l 1 ?norm and in O(n logn M(B) log B) bit operations for the l 1 ? and l 2 ?norm on input vectors a; b 2 Z Z n with norm at most 2 B where M(B) is a time(More)
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