Michael Kahan

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BACKGROUND Traumatic brain injury (TBI) is the leading cause of long-term disability in children and young adults worldwide. However, accurate information about its incidence does not exist. We aimed to estimate the burden of TBI in rural and urban populations in New Zealand across all ages and TBI severities. METHODS We did a population-based incidence(More)
Fear of flying is a common condition. Virtual reality exposure has recently been shown to be an effective treatment, but fear of flying is heterogeneous, affecting people with distinctly different diagnoses. Thirty-one patients were treated. Over half had a fear of crash, the rest suffered with claustrophobia, fear of heights, or panic disorder with(More)
In a fifty-three-year-old man, constrictive metastatic carcinoma of the pericardium revealed a bronchial carcinoma. The subacute course was rapidly progressive. Only partial pericardiectomy could be performed. Death occurred 16 days after the peripheral signs of compression of the heart became patent. In such cases early diagnosis, before signs of(More)
Virtual reality technology has recently been shown to be effective in combination with cognitive-behavioral therapy to treat phobias. The focus is on the here and now and uses established techniques to reduce fear by correcting cognitive distortions and habituation of fear by exposure. Some patients are unresponsive to these interventions. Dynamic(More)
OBJECTIVES To determine the incidence, nature and severity of all sports-related brain injuries in the general population. DESIGN Population-based epidemiological incidence study. METHODS Data on all traumatic brain injury events sustained during a sports-related activity were extracted from a dataset of all new traumatic brain injury cases (both fatal(More)
In this paper, we propose a signal processing method of assessing the severity tremors caused by alcohol withdrawal (AW) syndrome. We have developed an iOS application to calculate the Clinical Institute Withdrawal Assessment (CIWA) score which captures iPod movements using the built-in accelerometer in order to reliably estimate the tremor severity(More)