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Feeding and respiration by giant barrel sponges across a gradient of food abundance in the Red Sea
Research was supported by KAUST and by U.S. NSF grant OCE-1558580 to J.R.P. M.K.W. would like to thank colleagues in the Reef Ecology Lab and Luis Silva, Snjezana Ivetic, Najwa Al-Otaibi, and MariaExpand
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Defense by association: Sponge‐eating fishes alter the small‐scale distribution of Caribbean reef sponges
Recent studies have demonstrated that sponge-eating fishes alter the community of sponges on coral reefs across the Caribbean. Sponge species that lack chemical defenses but grow or reproduce fasterExpand
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Hyperdiverse Macrofauna Communities Associated with a Common Sponge, Stylissa carteri, Shift across Ecological Gradients in the Central Red Sea
Sponges act as important microhabitats in the marine environment and promote biodiversity by harboring a wide variety of macrofauna, but little is known about the magnitude and patterns of diversityExpand
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Factors affecting surf zone phytoplankton production in Southeastern North Carolina, USA
Abstract The biomass and productivity of primary producers in the surf zone of the ocean beach at Wrightsville Beach, North Carolina, USA, were measured during all seasons, along with environmentalExpand
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Sponges of the Red Sea
Sponges are found in virtually all marine habitats. The Red Sea is no exception, harboring a diverse community of sponge species. However, the state of knowledge of the Red Sea sponge fauna remainsExpand