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Land‐use planning in ‘one country, two systems’: Hong Kong, Guangzhou and Shenzhen
Abstract This paper studies the political economy of urban governance and land‐use planning mechanisms in the ‘one country, two systems’ of mainland China and the Hong Kong Special AdministrativeExpand
Heuristics approach to printed circuit board insertion problem
This paper studies the operation of a surface mount technology (SMT) machine which basically consists of three main movable parts: an X–Y table containing a printed circuit board (PCB), ten rotating ‘pick-and-place’ heads and a carriage feeder of reels. Expand
The political economy of intra-provincial disparities in post-reform China: a case study of Jiangsu province
Abstract Since 1978, China has introduced economic reforms and open policies for some people and places to get rich first, in the hope of redistributing wealth eventually. In reality, disparitiesExpand
An approximate dynamic programming technique for production
The Role of Planning in the Development of Shenzhen, China: Rhetoric and Realities
This paper examines the role played by socioeconomic and spatial planning in the development of China's first special economic zone (SEZ), Shenzhen. More specifically, it analyzes the impacts ofExpand
A critical review of Hong Kong’s proposed climate change strategy and action agenda
Abstract Climate change was not on the policy agenda in Hong Kong before 2007. In 2010, a consultation document, Hong Kong’s Climate Change Strategy and Action Agenda, was published proposing aExpand
From Government to Governance? Politics of Planning in the First Decade of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region
This paper investigates when and why a civil society will challenge growth-biased plans, made by a top-down mode of planning within the non-democratic setting of an executive government-led andExpand
Urban regeneration and social capital in China: A case study of the Drum Tower Muslim District in Xi’an
Abstract Compared with the considerable number of studies on urban redevelopment highlighting the downside of wholesale redevelopment in breaking up communities, only limited reports exist onExpand
World-city formation under an executive-led government: The politics of harbour reclamation in Hong Kong
Controversies over Central Harbour reclamation have beset Hong Kong for over a decade. Recent efforts in Central Harbour reclamation by the executive-led government to provide more land for economicExpand