Michael K. Strasser

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The mechanisms underlying haematopoietic lineage decisions remain disputed. Lineage-affiliated transcription factors with the capacity for lineage reprogramming, positive auto-regulation and mutual inhibition have been described as being expressed in uncommitted cell populations. This led to the assumption that lineage choice is cell-intrinsically initiated(More)
BACKGROUND Complementary and alternative medicine is often used by patients with malignant glioma. Although several interactions of various alternative agents with chemotherapy are known, none has been described for temozolomide so far. CASE PRESENTATION We report the case of severe liver toxicity with jaundice during radiochemotherapy with temozolomide(More)
A toggle switch consists of two genes that mutually repress each other. This regulatory motif is active during cell differentiation and is thought to act as a memory device, being able to choose and maintain cell fate decisions. Commonly, this switch has been modeled in a deterministic framework where transcription and translation are lumped together. In(More)
Motivation: Accessing gene expression at the single cell level has unraveled often large heterogene-ity among seemingly homogeneous cells, which remained obscured in traditional population based approaches. The computational analysis of single-cell transcriptomics data, however, still imposes unre-solved challenges with respect to normalization,(More)
Time-lapse microscopy allows to monitor cell state transitions in a spatiotemporal context. Combined with single cell tracking and appropriate cell state markers, transition events can be observed within the genealogical relationship of a proliferating population. However, to infer the correlations between the spatiotemporal context and cell state(More)
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