Michael K. Rosenberg

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Nonmuscle myosin II is an important component of the cytoskeleton, playing a major role in cell motility and chemotaxis. We have previously demonstrated that, on stimulation with epidermal growth factor (EGF), nonmuscle myosin heavy chain II-B (NMHC-IIB) undergoes a transient phosphorylation correlating with its cellular localization. We also showed that(More)
BACKGROUND Actin-dependent myosin II molecular motors form an integral part of the cell cytoskeleton. Myosin II molecules contain a long coiled-coil rod that mediates filament assembly required for myosin II to exert its full activity. The exact mechanisms orchestrating filament assembly are not fully understood. METHODOLOGY/PRINCIPAL FINDINGS Here we(More)
Large system development typically involves changes to code and database components. In these environments, testing continues to be the biggest challenge. Since release cycles include both database and code changes, thorough testing of existing schemas and code base is paramount. Code needs to be tested with a static database, database changes need to be(More)
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