Michael K. Kinyon

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In this paper we derive and analyze a discontinuous stabilizing feedback for a Lie algebraic generalization of a class of kinematic nonholonomic systems introduced by Brockett. The algorithm involves discrete switching between isospectral and norm-decreasing ows. We include a rigorous analysis of the convergence. 1. Introduction. In this paper we present a(More)
We describe a large-scale project in applied automated deduction concerned with the following problem of considerable interest in loop theory: If Q is a loop with commuting inner mappings, does it follow that Q modulo its center is a group and Q modulo its nucleus is an abelian group? This problem has been answered affirmatively in several varieties of(More)
Let S be a finite non-commutative semigroup. The commuting graph of S, denoted G(S), is the graph whose vertices are the non-central elements of S and whose edges are the sets {a, b} of vertices such that a = b and ab = ba. Denote by T (X) the semigroup of full transformations on a finite set X. Let J be any ideal of T (X) such that J is different from the(More)
Buchsteiner loops are those which satisfy the identity x\(xy · z) = (y · zx)/x. We show that a Buchsteiner loop modulo its nucleus is an abelian group of exponent four, and construct an example where the factor achieves this exponent. A loop (Q, ·) is a set Q together with a binary operation · such that for each a, b ∈ Q, the equations a · x = b and y · a =(More)
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