Michael K Hein

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Recent advances in structural and conformational analysis of fluorinated carbohydrates by NMR spectroscopy are reviewed. Characteristic 1H, 13C, and 19F NMR chemical shifts and coupling constants for selected examples are given and the spectral data of a series of fluorinated carbohydrates were collected in continuation of the review of Csuk and Glänzer(More)
Particle concentration is a basic operation needed to perform washing steps or to improve subsequent analysis in many (bio)-chemical assays. In this article we present field free, hydrodynamic accumulation of particles and cells in droplets flowing within rectangular micro-channels. Depending on droplet velocity, particles either accumulate at the rear of(More)
Fluorine introduced in the hydrophilic or the hydrophobic region of amphiphiles influences the thermomesomorphy of amphiphilic and monophilic fluorosugars in a very specific manner. This paper is the first review about chiral mesogens based on fluorinated carbohydrates. It covers the literature published so far. Analytical objectives are given to: (i)(More)
The coexistence of multiple droplet breakup instabilities in a Step-emulsification geometry is studied. A liquid filament, which is confined in one dimension by channel walls and surrounded by a co-flowing immiscible continuous phase, decays into droplets when subject to a sudden release of confinement. Depending on the filament aspect ratio and liquid flow(More)
Phytoplankton community compositions within near-shore coastal and estuarine waters of Louisiana were characterized by group diversity, evenness, relative abundance and biovolume. Sixty-six taxa were identified in addition to eight potentially harmful algal genera including Gymnodinium sp. Phytoplankton group diversity was lowest at Vermillion Bay in(More)
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