Michael K. Farrell

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Implementing electronic health records (EHR) in healthcare settings incurs challenges, none more important than maintaining efficiency and safety during rollout. This report quantifies the impact of offloading low-acuity visits to an alternative care site from the emergency department (ED) during EHR implementation. In addition, the report evaluated the(More)
Adolescents and young adults meeting DSM-III criteria for anorexia nervosa (n = 13) and atypical eating disorders (n = 7) were compared with weight-recovered anorectics (n = 6) and normal weight controls (n = 11) using a type-A structured interview and a computerized stress procedure. Heart rate, blood pressure, and electrocardiographic changes were(More)
Hyperalimentation is a feeding technique in which all essential nutrients are infused intravenously to sustain patients who cannot eat. Although no panacea for anorexia nervosa, hyperalimentation can provide calories for intractable, malnourished patients. The authors describe the psychiatric and hyperalimentation treatment for four severely anorectic(More)
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