Michael K Drew

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OBJECTIVES To investigate inter and intra-tester reliability of an externally fixed dynamometry unilateral hamstring strength test, in the elite sports setting. DESIGN Reliability study. METHODS Sixteen, injury-free, elite male youth football players (age=16.81±0.54 years, height=180.22±5.29cm, weight 73.88±6.54kg, BMI=22.57±1.42) gave written informed(More)
QUESTION Is there an association between Caesarean section and back pain over the longer term? DESIGN Secondary analysis of data from the Australian Longitudinal Study on Women's Health. PARTICIPANTS The mid-aged cohort of women within the Australian Longitudinal Study on Women's Health aged 54 to 59 years (n = 9146). OUTCOME MEASURES Data were(More)
The criterion of long-standing groin pain diagnoses in athletes usually relies on palpation and clinical tests. An experimental pain model was developed to examine the clinical tests under standardized conditions. Pain was induced by hypertonic saline injected into the proximal adductor longus (AL) tendon or rectus femoris (RF) tendon in 15 healthy male(More)
Older athlete age is a non-modifiable risk factor for groin pain in athletes; however, these studies are usually in adult populations. Underage athletes have been shown to pose approximately double the risk of adults in an Australian Rules football population. 1 Developmental anatomy may be related to this increased risk, but this is still somewhat unknown.(More)
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