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No prospective data have documented the physical and psychosocial functioning of patients before and after BMT. In this study 67 allogeneic transplant patients completed standardized self-report measures pre-transplant. Survivors were re-assessed at 90 days (n = 34) and 1 year (n = 31) post-transplant. Telephone interviews established 4-year work history(More)
OBJECTIVE Our aim was to identify predictors of colorectal cancer screening in the United States and subgroups with particularly low rates of screening. METHODS The responses to a telephone-administered questionnaire of a nationally representative sample of 61,068 persons aged >/=50 yr were analyzed. Current screening was defined as either(More)
Oral complications can be serious and disabling problems for patients undergoing cancer therapy. Therefore, the authors wanted to develop a sensitive and specific instrument to measure oral mucosal changes during therapy. The Oral Mucosa Rating Scale (OMRS) has an examination rating scale to quantify the type and severity of clinically evident oral mucosal(More)
OBJECTIVE To describe the association between type of health insurance coverage and the quality of care provided to individuals with diabetes in the United States. DATA SOURCE The 2000 Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System. STUDY DESIGN Our study cohort included individuals who reported a diagnosis of diabetes (n=11,647). We performed bivariate and(More)
This study compared hospital to ambulatory nutritional rehabilitation outcomes and costs. Following a hospital stay to resolve initial acute medical conditions, 100 malnourished children (54 per cent male, ages 5 to 28 months) in Niger were randomly assigned to either hospital or ambulatory nutritional rehabilitation. Anthropometric measures were assessed(More)
A representative sample of 122 Washington State general dental practices received continuing education in the efficient utilization of auxiliaries. Dentist and staff attended a two-day workshop where goals for change in delegation to auxiliaries, scheduling, and communication were developed. The continuing dental education was individualized, required the(More)
OBJECTIVE To provide an overview of databases that are maintained by the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) and are of relevance to investigators involved in epidemiologic, clinical, and health services research. RESEARCH DESIGN AND METHODS We reviewed both national and local VA databases and identified their strengths and limitations. We also referenced(More)
There are many claims that abnormal breathing patterns alter facial growth; however, there are limited controlled data to confirm these claims. Thirty children with allergy, aged 6 to 12 years, who had moderate-to-severe nasal mucosal edema on physical examination and who appeared to breathe predominantly through the mouth and 15 children without allergy(More)
Studies from a variety of settings have indicated that outcomes for coronary angioplasty are improved when performed in institutions with high caseloads (> 400/year). The purpose of this investigation was to examine the volume outcome hypothesis for coronary angioplasty in a 20% stratified sample of acute care, non-federal hospitals in 17 states. Data were(More)
BACKGROUND & AIMS A significant proportion of patients with hepatitis C virus (HCV) infection discontinue antiviral treatment prematurely. Risk factors for discontinuation before 48 weeks among patients with genotype 1 HCV vary over the course of therapy. We investigated the rates and risk factors for treatment discontinuation within 12 weeks, 12-24 weeks,(More)