Michael K Brandmayer

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Reactions of K4[SnSe4].1.5MeOH with ZnCl2 or MnCl2.4H2O in water/methanol mixtures yield novel compounds [K10(H2O)16(MeOH)0.5][M4(mu4-Se)(SnSe4)4] (M = Zn, 2; Mn, 3) in high yields; 2 and 3 contain the first discrete ternary Zn/Sn/Se or Mn/Sn/Se cluster anions. Both compounds were unambiguously characterized by X-ray diffraction (tetragonal, space groups(More)
By reaction of K4[SnSe4].1.5 MeOH with CdCl2 or Hg(OAc)2 in water/methanol it was possible to prepare single crystals of four novel compounds that contain ternary anionic coordination oligomers and polymers: [K10(H2O)16(MeOH)(0.5)][M4(mu4-Se)(SnSe4)4] (4: M=Cd, 5: M=Hg), [K6(H2O)3][Hg4(mu4-Se)(SnSe4)3].MeOH (6), and K2[HgSnSe4] (7), which were structurally(More)
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