Michael Jonas

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Note: This is the first edition of the IHE Radiology: Mammography User's Handbook. New editions will be available at IHE.net and will include examples of more contractual RFP language, more Profiles (for Radiology, IT Infrastructure, Cardiology, and Laboratory domains), and scenarios for workstations and basic PACS installations. The Handbook is intended to(More)
Founded in 1963 by two prominent Austrians living in exile – the sociologist Paul F. Lazarsfeld and the economist Oskar Morgenstern – with the financial support from the Ford Foundation, the Austrian Federal Ministry of Education, and the City of Vienna, the Institute for Advanced Studies (IHS) is the first institution for postgraduate education and(More)
Fast thermal maps are a crucial component for many green data center design techniques. However, most state of the art work on thermal mapping ignores critical temporal aspects of thermal behavior and relies on modeling assumptions, such as the steady state assumption, that can reduce their accuracy and cause heat-induced performance throttling when used(More)
Energy-efficient data center design and management has been a challenge of increasing importance in the past decade due to its potential to save billions of dollars in energy costs. However, the state of the art in design and evaluation of data centers require designers to be expertly familiar with a prohibitively large number of domain-specific design(More)
In this paper we discuss transforming the newly created Capstone course in Computer Information Systems (CIS) at the University of New Hampshire at Manchester (UNHM) to mentor students in developing problem solving skills by immersing them in a real world research environment. UNHM is a commuter college, representing a non-traditional educational setting(More)
OBJECTIVE Enzymatic degradation of the extracellular matrix is known to be powerful regulator of atherosclerosis. However, little is known about the enzymatic regulation of heparan sulfate proteoglycans (HSPGs) during the formation and progression of atherosclerotic plaques. METHODS AND RESULTS Swine were rendered diabetic through streptozotocin injection(More)