Michael John Thoresson

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This paper reports on an investigation to determine the spring and damper settings that will ensure optimal ride comfort of an off-road vehicle, on different road profiles and at different speeds. These settings are required for the design of a four stage semi-active hydro-pneumatic spring damper suspension system (4S4). Spring and damper settings in the(More)
The principal aim of this paper is to evaluate the feasibility of using gradient-based approximation methods for the optimisation of the spring and damper characteristics of an off-road vehicle, for both ride comfort and handling. The Sequential Quadratic Programming algorithm and the relatively new Dynamic-Q method are the two successive approximation(More)
Part 1 of this paper proposed a methodology for the efficient determination of gradient information, when optimising a vehicle’s suspension characteristics for ride comfort and handling. The non-linear full vehicle model, and simplified models for gradient information has been discussed, and validated. In this paper, the simplified models presented in Part(More)
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