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Tau from Alzheimer's disease (AD) paired helical filaments (PHF-tau) is phosphorylated at sites not found in autopsy-derived adult tau from normal human brains, and this suggested that PHF-tau is abnormally phosphorylated. To explore this hypothesis, we examined human adult tau from brain biopsies and demonstrated that biopsy-derived tau is phosphorylated(More)
Maintenance of the "on-off" state of Drosophila homeotic genes in Antennapedia and bithorax complexes requires activities of the trithorax and Polycomb groups of genes. To identify cis-acting sequences for functional reconstruction of regulation by both trithorax and Polycomb, we examined the expression patterns of several Ubx-lacZ transgenes that carry(More)
Suppressor mutants that cause ribosomes to shift reading frame at specific and new sequences are described. Suppressors for trpE91, the only known suppressible -1 frameshift mutant, have been isolated in Escherichia coli and in Salmonella typhimurium. E. coli hopR acts on trpE91 within the 9-base-pair sequence GGA GUG UGA, is dominant, and is located at min(More)
At a low level wild-type tRNA(1Val) inserts a single amino acid (valine) for the five nucleotide sequence GUGUA which has overlapping valine codons. Mutants of tRNA(1Val) with an insertion of A or U between positions 34 and 35 of their anticodons have enhanced reading of the quintuplet sequences. We propose that this decoding occurs by a hopping mechanism(More)
The CCA trinucleotide is a universally conserved feature of the 3' end of tRNAs, where it serves as the site of amino acid attachment. Despite this extreme conservation, we have isolated functional mutants of tRNA(His) and tRNA(Val1) with altered CCA ends. A mutant that leads to de-repression of the histidine biosynthetic operon in Salmonella typhimurium(More)
External suppressors, sufS, of a -1 frameshift mutant cause ribosomes to shift into the -1 frame when reading the sequence CAG GGA GUG. The resulting product is not Gln-Gly-Val but Gln-Gly-Ser with Ser being encoded by the underlined AGU. The alleles investigated are approximately 2% efficient in causing frameshifting. Two other suppressors, hopR and hopE(More)
As HIV-1-encoded envelope protein traverses the secretory pathway, it may be modified with N- and O-linked carbohydrate. When the gp120s of HIV-1 NL4-3, HIV-1 YU2, HIV-1 Bal, HIV-1 JRFL, and HIV-1 JRCSF were expressed as secreted proteins, the threonine at consensus position 499 was found to be O-glycosylated. For SIVmac239, the corresponding threonine was(More)
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