Michael Jiang

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Recent research activities in the area of network traffic have demonstrated that traffic patterns in modern networks are statistically different from patterns generated by traditional traffic models. These new traffic patterns are long-range dependent. Researchers have shown that long-range dependency has considerable impacts on queueing performance, and(More)
– In this paper we investigate the impact of traffic patterns on wireless data networks. Modeling and simulation of the Cellular Digital Packet Data (CDPD) network of Telus Mobility (a commercial service provider) were performed using the OPNET tool. We use trace-driven simulations with genuine traffic trace collected from the CDPD network to evaluate the(More)
– This paper describes a new version of the DEN-ng context model, and how this model in conjunction with the DEN-ng policy model can be used for more effective and flexible context management. Both are part of the FOCALE autonomic network architecture. Context selects policies, which select roles that can be used, which in turn define allowed functionality(More)
To ensure high availability, self-managing systems require self-monitoring and a system model against which to analyze monitoring data. Characterizing relationships between system metrics has been shown to model simple multi-tier transaction systems effectively, enabling failure detection and fault diagnosis. In this paper we show how to extend this(More)