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infectious disease fellows. Our major suggestion for improvement is to expand significantly the section on laboratory methods so as to include presentations with diagrams of the theoretical basis underlying the tests employed to diagnose viral infection. In this manner, the physician can better understand the level of sensitivity and limitations of the lab(More)
editors have included chapters on extraction of receptors from membranes, assay of soluble receptors, labeling of receptors, and cross-linking of peptide hormones to receptors. There is also a chapter devoted to electron spin resonance spectroscopy of membranes. Volume 2 is primarily concerned with chromatographic and electrophoretic methods for preparation(More)
have produced a volume which is well worth reading. These twenty-five articles (originally presented as six symposia and one invited address) are mostly well written, thoroughly referenced, and beautifully illustrated reports of original experiments which stretch the current boundaries of knowledge of the structure and function of elements of the central(More)
As one author in this volume notes, physicians and philosophers since antiquity have been trying to divine the relationship between stressful life events and psychic or somatic consequences. Even the noted physician Sir William Osler made observations about the relationship between life stress and vulnerability to heart disease. The Dohrenwends and their(More)
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