Michael Jarstfer

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Recent discovery of gene expression mechanisms has propelled molecular genetics to a state of rapid development, a state likely to persist due to continuing advances in understanding control systems of fundamental cellular processes. An algorithm for that advancement starts in this paper with a gene of interest and a characteristic function of that gene.(More)
Homeostatic maintenance of mRNA levels including prompt availability of mRNAs for translation in response to changing protein demands might be partly enabled by a system of combinatorial controls involving noncoding RNA blocking agents. This article proposes a specific version of that control mechanism, namely, a double-stranded RNA folding from(More)
Telomere maintenance is a universal cancer hallmark, and small molecules that disrupt telomere maintenance generally have anticancer properties. Since the vast majority of cancer cells utilize telomerase activity for telomere maintenance, the enzyme has been considered as an anticancer drug target. Recently, rational design of telomerase inhibitors was made(More)
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