Michael Janneck

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Die Veröffentlichung ist zitierfähig erschienen in: Abstract Project teams have become an important element in teaching informatics topics. Web-based groupware systems are increasingly used in such teaching settings to help building communicational competence and working with different kinds of material. This kind of educational teamwork and computational(More)
Project-based learning has long been an important element in teaching informatics topics. This is because educational teamwork is comparable with the work in multidisciplinary teams common in the IT industry, and thereby allows students to acquire social and methodological competence in addition to professional competence. Groupware systems are increasingly(More)
Teaching Social Informatics poses the challenge of portraying future scenarios of technology development and use as well as criticizing them. We envision meeting this challenge by offering students an authentic, interdisciplinary educational framework, providing real-life, hands-on experiences. In this paper, we will first develop the idea of "knowledge(More)