Michael Janes

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BACKGROUND Natural products are an important source of drugs and other commercially interesting compounds, however their isolation and production is often difficult. Metabolic engineering, mainly in bacteria and yeast, has sought to circumvent some of the associated problems but also this approach is impeded by technical limitations. Here we describe a(More)
To develop a method for delayed assessment of sperm motility, after shipment of semen to a remote laboratory. Sperm in semen were labeled with the MitoTracker® Red CM-H2XRos reagent, and fixed with 3.7 % formaldehyde by the laboratory technicians at the origin of the semen. This treatment reflected well sperm mitochondrial activity, and the MitoTracker®(More)
Little is known about the formation of glyoxysomes in comparison to the formation of other cell organelles such as mitochondria or chloroplasts. We do not have an answer for the basic question of how new glyoxysomes arise in the cell. One possibility is that they originate de novo by a continuous process of differentiation from other cellular structures. A(More)
Nakamura [1974], and later independently, Toffoli [1978] and Nehaniv [2002] proved that any synchronous cellular automaton can be simulated by an asynchronous cellular automaton. Their constructions effectively discard many of the updates in order to create a limited artificial synchrony between the cells. We consider the overhead cost of this procedure,(More)
Tracking Internet censorship is challenging because what content the censors target can change daily, even hourly, with current events. The process must be automated because of the large amount of data that needs to be processed. Our focus in this paper is on automated probing of keyword-based Internet censorship, where natural language processing(More)
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