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On Behalf of the President: Four Factors Affecting the Success of the Presidential Press Secretary
In the fall of 1957, Journalism Review printed an article entitled "President Eisenhower and his Press Secretary," which examined "the more authoritative role" played by Eisenhower's press secretary,Expand
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Making wasted votes count: Turnout, transfers, and preferential voting in practice
Proponents of electoral reform champion the single transferable vote (STV) or aligned forms of preferential voting (AV, IRV, RCV) as a method to improve participation among and representation of theExpand
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Out of Touch: The Presidency and Public Opinion
Presidential approval ratings appear on the evening news every time they are announced. They also are required reading for the president's staff. As a result, modern presidents operate underExpand
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Effects of Constitutional and Political Controls on State Expenditures
State governments have employed various statutory and constitutional devices to limit government spending. Many of these devices are intended to increase executive control over expenditures. TheExpand
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A Review of “The Provisional Pulpit: Modern Presidential Leadership of Public Opinion”
Theodore Roosevelt first popularized the notion of the presidency as a “bully pulpit.” Decades later, scholars of the public presidency began to focus on the question of whether presidential rhetoricExpand
Prospective and Retrospective Presidential Rhetoric
Recent research by George Edwards and other presidency scholars suggests that presidential speech has little impact on public opinion on issues with scholars left to wonder why presidents bother toExpand