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Colonial Bridgehead: Social and Special Change in Alexandria, 1850–1882
The great revolution was a technological revolution by which the West made its fortune, got the better of all the other living civilizations, and forcibly united them into a single society ofExpand
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Colonial Bridgehead: Government And Society In Alexandria, 1807-1882
Introduction * The Geographical And Historical Inheritance Between Egypt and the Sea The Ottoman Town * Muhammad Alis City, 18071848 Engineering a Renaissance Restructuring Urban Administration AExpand
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Ottoman Alexandria: the Paradox of Decline and the Reconfiguration of Power in Eighteenth-Century Arab Provinces
Plusieurs specialistes ont recemment remis en question la these selon laquelle l'Empire Ottoman a connu un irremediable declin de son activite economique et de son pouvoir politique. A cette occasionExpand
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The census registers of nineteenth‐century Egypt: a new source for social historians
Abstract The census registers of nineteenth‐century Egypt (1840s‐1870s) are unknown to all but a relatively small number of researchers. Following what appear to have been preliminary enumerations inExpand
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Contradiction and Consciousness in Ali Mubarak's Description of al-Azhar
Of the many talented men who entered government service in Egypt in the 19th century, none equaled in sheer energy and productivity ʿAli Mubarak Pasha (1823/4–1893). Engineer, officer, administrator,Expand
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The King–Crane Commission at the Juncture of Politics and Historiography
The King–Crane Commission of 1919 was authorized by the Paris peace conference to conduct a ‘scientific investigation’ of conditions in the Middle East and to advise the conference as to theExpand
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