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Let G be a discrete group, CG the group ring of G over C and Lp(G) the Lebesgue space of G with respect to Haar measure. It is known that if G is torsion free elementary amenable, 0 6= α ∈ CG and 0(More)
Let p be a real number greater than one. In this paper we study the vanishing and nonvanishing of the first L-cohomology space of some groups that have one end. We also make a connection between the(More)
Let G be a discrete group, let p ≥ 1, and let L(G) denote the Banach space { ∑ g∈G agg | ∑ g∈G |ag| p < ∞}. The following problem will be studied: given 0 6= α ∈ CG and 0 6= β ∈ L(G), is α ∗ β 6= 0?(More)