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The President and the Public: Inaugural Addresses in American History
This article examines presidential inaugural addresses to gain a perspective on the changing relationship between the people and the presidency throughout American political history. The analysisExpand
Theorizing Presidential Tenure: The Difficult Case of FDR's Fourth Term
This article examines Franklin Delano Roosevelt's pursuit of a fourth term in 1944, despite the significant erosion of his physical health beginning in late 1943. Not only did Roosevelt pursue aExpand
A Seat of Popular Leadership: The Presidency, Political Parties, and Democratic Government
A reassessment of the rise of the modern presidency A study of the relationship between presidential leadership and public opinion, this book challenges the commonly held view that the AmericanExpand
Our Chief Magistrate and His Powers: A Reconsideration of William Howard Taft's “Whig” Theory of Presidential Leadership
William Howard Taft, twenty-seventh president of the United States, is primarily remembered as an insignificant leader serving between far more interesting presidents, Theodore Roosevelt and WoodrowExpand
Presidential Term Limits in American History: Power, Principles, and Politics
An innovative historical study of the longstanding debate over executive term limits in American politics . . . By successfully seeking a third term in 1940, Franklin D. Roosevelt shattered aExpand
The Seat of Popular Leadership: Parties, Elections, and the Nineteenth‐Century Presidency
In this article, I examine the relationship between the public and the president in the nineteenth century. While the relationship is generally thought to be a rather minimal one, I will suggest thatExpand
A New Migration of Political Forces: Party Decline and Presidential Leadership in Late Nineteenth-Century America
This article examines the decline of political parties in post-Civil War America and analyzes the impact of this decline on the presidency and presidential leadership. Drawing on primary documentsExpand
Term limits and voter turnout in presidential democracies:an empirical analysis
This article considers the relationship between term limits and voter turnout in presidential democracies. Based on our analysis of a cross-national dataset of presidential elections held betweenExpand
“A Legitimate Function”: Reconsidering Presidential Signing Statements
This article is a reconsideration and reassessment of presidential signing statements. Although many scholars and commentators have weighed in on the practice since 2006—when Charlie Savage's BostonExpand
A Review of “Eleventh Hour: The Politics of Policy Initiatives in Presidential Transitions“
ideal Democrat and ideal Republican—both moderates—in order to produce the perfect presidency. However, it could be equally possible to have “bipartisan” presidents who are nevertheless ideologicallyExpand