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Book Review: Being Nuclear: Africans and the Global Uranium Trade
Being Nuclear: Africans and the Global Uranium Trade. By Gabrielle Hecht. Cambridge, MA: MIT Press, 2012. Pp. xx, 451; maps, photographs, appendix, publication history, notes, bibliography, index.Expand
Inside the Enigma: British Officials in Russia, 1900-1939
Diplomats and Russia there will be a catastrophe drawing near the end a scene of extraordinary disorder robbery and murder the worst horrors of history a very ordinary bureaucracy a grotesque visionExpand
Ireland Divided: The Roots of the Modern Irish Problem
Part of the "Past in Perspective" series, this text provides a concise introduction to the events which led to the partition of Ireland, with a discussion of the subsequent development of the twoExpand
British Opinion and Russian Terrorism in the 1880s
The sinister figure of the Russian revolutionary was well established in the British mind by the early 1870s, whilst the terrorist campaign pursued by the People’s Will during the period 1878—1881Expand
Conscience and Conflict: Methodism, Peace and War in the Twentieth Century
Attention is given to the way in which Methodist scholars and ministers, ranging from A.S. Peake to Leslie Weatherhead and Donald Soper to Kenneth Greet, have sought to relate questions of war andExpand
Diplomacy Before the Russian Revolution: Britain, Russia and the Old Diplomacy, 1894-1917
Preface List of Tables The Old Diplomacy and Anglo-Russian Relations The British Foreign Office and Russia The British Embassy in St Petersburg British Consuls in Russia The Russian Ministry ofExpand
Crimson Nightmares: Tales of Invasion and Fears of Revolution in Early Twentieth-Century Britain
The invasion literature written in the years before 1914, warning against the danger of an attack by Germany, often reflected anxieties about domestic social and political changes as much asExpand
State and Society in the Political Thought of the Moscow Slavophiles
Leading members of the Slavophile circle shared a commonWeltanschauung, fostered by a complex reaction to thesocial and political changes taking place in mid-nineteenth-centuryRussia. There was,Expand
Flourishing: Letters 1928–1946
'Life is not worth living unless one can be indiscreet to intimate friends,' wrote Isaiah Berlin to a correspondent. Flourishing inaugurates a keenly awaited edition of Berlin's letters that mightExpand