Michael J. Zeher

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Patients face two major difficulties following limb loss: phantom limb pain (PLP) in the residual limb and limited functionality in the prosthetic limb. Many studies have focused on decreasing PLP with mirror therapy, yet few have examined the same visual ameliorating effect with a virtual or prosthetic limb. Our study addresses the following key questions:(More)
Few of us are aware of the complex interactions between neural, mechanical, and sensory systems required to perform a task as simple as picking up a ball. To create a prosthetic arm capable of natural movement, it is necessary to mimic these sophisticated systems, as well as the intricate interactions between them, using cutting-edge actuators, sensors,(More)
584 INTRODUCTION Teleoperation refers to the direct human control of a machine from a distance. It is commonly associated with systems wherein the machine is represented by robotic mechanisms or mobile robots. Such systems are increasingly used on unmanned vehicles to enable a range of applications across a variety of domains including military, first(More)
The Revolutionizing Prosthetics 2009 program conducted by the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) has resulted in a Virtual Integration Environment (VIE) that provides a common development platform for researchers and clinicians that design, model and build prosthetic limbs and then integrate and test them with patients. One clinical need that(More)
256 INTRODUCTION The military services have successfully used ground robots in the fight against terror over the past decade. In addition, U.S. and international law enforcement agencies have experienced the benefit of these systems in conducting dangerous and life-threatening tasks. The use of ground robots is saving lives throughout the world. However,(More)
595 INTRODUCTION During the past decade, unmanned ground vehicle (UGV) systems have been used successfully by military services and are increasingly being used to conduct dangerous and life-threatening tasks for law enforcement as well as first responder and disaster relief efforts around the world. As the application of UGV systems becomes more pervasive,(More)
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