Michael J Wright

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An increase in dermatan sulfate-proteoglycan (DSPG) production occurs in cultured aortic smooth muscle cells exposed to macrophage-conditioned media, an effect that is abrogated by an antibody to interleukin-1 (IL-1). To determine which DSPG gene was regulated, cultured arterial smooth muscle cells from monkeys (Macaca fascicularis) were treated with 0 to(More)
The H37Rv and H37Ra strains of Mycobacterium tuberculosis were incubated with normal rabbit alveolar macrophages and examined by electron microscopy at 5 to 6 and 18 to 24 h of incubation. At the 18- to 24-h incubation interval, 60 to 100% of the endocytosed organisms of the H37Rv strain disrupted the phagosomal membranes and appeared free in the cytoplasm(More)
The topography of alveolar macrophages (AM) attached to glass or to Millipore filters was scanning electron microscopy. The cells were obtained from normal and from BCG-vaccinated rabbits. Macrophages that adhered to glass tended to spread while essentially all of the cells that adhered to the Millipore filters remained rounded. The surface morphology of AM(More)
Data obtained in this study reaffirm that virulent Mycobacterium tuberculosis H37Rv has a potent phagosome-destroying capacity when ingested by normal alveolar macrophages. In contrast, Mycobacterium bovis BCG-immune alveolar macrophages are highly resistant to this virulence mechanism. BCG-immune sera incubated with BCG-immune alveolar macrophages did not(More)
Padgett, Billie L. (University of Wisconsin, Madison), Margaret J. Wright, Anne Jayne, and Duard L. Walker. Electron microscopic structure of myxoma virus and some reactivable derivatives. J. Bacteriol. 87:454-460. 1964.-The phosphotungstate negative staining technique was used to study the fine structure of myxoma virus particles and of reactivable(More)
To characterize the gene expression profile of regenerated melanocytes in the narrow band UVB (NBUVB)-treated vitiligo epidermis and their precursors in the hair follicle, we present here a strategy of RNA isolation from in situ melanocytes using human frozen skin. We developed a rapid immunostaining protocol using the NKI-beteb antibody, which labels(More)
Rabbit alveolar macrophages in suspension were exposed to 5 or 10 min of continuous 2-MHz ultrasound with 5, 10, and 15 W/cm2 spatial average intensities. Viability as determined by dye exclusion decreased with increasing intensity. Pressure experiments indicated that this was a result of acoustic cavitation. Ultrasound induced clumping of cells and often(More)
Alveolar macrophages from 2 species of nonhuman primates, rhesus and squirrel monkeys, were studied by electron microscopy. These macrophages seemed to differ from their counterparts in other animal species with respect to their large numbers of mitochondria. Monkey alveolar macrophages often contained crystalline material and a variety of inclusions in(More)