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Immunocytochemical discordance of human chorionic gonadotropin, alpha-fetoprotein and pregnancy specific beta-1 glycoprotein was studied in formaldehyde-fixed tissues of 26 patients with germinal testicular cancer. The cellular localization of these 3 markers has been correlated with the serum markers in the 26 patients. Serum alpha-fetoprotein, human(More)
PURPOSE Cervical spine injuries following major trauma result in significant associated morbidity and mortality. Devastating neurological injury, including complete and incomplete tetraplegia, are common sequelae of cervical spine trauma and cause profound and life-altering medical, financial, and social consequences. Most cervical spine injuries follow(More)
Patient-specific instruments (PSIs) are clinically used to support the surgeon during a planned intervention. The planning is typically done based on volumetric image data from medical imaging systems, e.g. computed tomography (CT). The PSI uses the known surface structure of a bone for orientation during the intervention. Some surfaces of human bone are(More)
INTRODUCTION Evaluation of phrenic neuropathy (PN) with phrenic nerve conduction studies (PNCS) is associated with false negatives. Visualization of diaphragmatic muscle twitch with diaphragm ultrasound (DUS) when performing PNCS may help to solve this problem. METHODS We performed bilateral, simultaneous DUS-PNCS in 10 healthy adults and 12 patients with(More)
The corticospinal tract and other ascending and descending fibers are important in executing cerebral function. Conventional magnetic resonance and advanced neuroimaging findings of diseases involved in ascending and descending pathways are reviewed, including amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, secondary degeneration diseases, and intracranial tumors.
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