Michael J. Tobyn

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The surface morphology of a-lactose monohydrate particles was modified by a new wet-smoothing process performed in a high-shear mixer using solvents. Successive steps of wetting and drying of lactose powders during rolling in the mixer's cylindrical bowl were performed. Smoothed particles were tested for size distribution, flow, and packing. The(More)
Surface area and surface energy of pharmaceutical powders are affected by milling and may influence formulation, performance and handling. This study aims to decouple the contribution of surface area and surface energy, and to quantify each of these factors, on cohesion. Mefenamic acid was processed by cryogenic milling. Surface energy heterogeneity was(More)
Bulk density can be a key indicator of performance, and may influence choice of formulation route of materials in pharmaceutical development. During early development, the cost of API’s can be expensive and the availability of material for powder property analysis is limited. The aim of this work was to investigate a suitable small-scale, low material(More)
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