Michael J. Tapner

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CYP3A4, the predominant cytochrome P450 expressed in human liver, is responsible for the metabolism of endogenous steroids and many drugs. On the basis of pharmacokinetic studies in patients with hormonal derangements and the effects of replacement therapy, it has been suggested that iodothyronines decrease CYP3A4-mediated drug metabolism, whereas(More)
Purpose To investigate and compare the quantitative accuracy of 90 Y imaging across different generation PET/CT scanners , for the purpose of dosimetry after radioembolization with resin microspheres. Methods A strict experimental and imaging protocol was followed by 47 international sites using the NEMA 2007/ IEC 2008 PET body phantom with an 8-to-1(More)
BACKGROUND The use of selective internal radiation therapy (SIRT) is rapidly increasing, and the need for quantification and dosimetry is becoming more widespread to facilitate treatment planning and verification. The aim of this project was to develop an anthropomorphic phantom that can be used as a validation tool for post-SIRT imaging and its application(More)
This prospective, open-label phase II study assessed the impact of liver-directed therapy with selective internal radiation therapy (SIRT) and systemic chemotherapy on progression-free survival (PFS) in liver-dominant metastatic pancreatic adenocarcinoma. Patients received yttrium-90-labelled (90Y) resin microspheres (SIR-Spheres; Sirtex Medical Limited,(More)
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