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We develop a framework for analog-to-information conversion that enables sub-Nyquist acquisition and processing of wideband signals that are sparse in a local Fourier representation. The first component of the framework is a random sampling system that can be implemented in practical hardware. The second is an efficient information recovery algorithm to(More)
We can recover approximately a sparse signal with limited noise, i.e, a vector of length d with at least d − m zeros or near-zeros, using little more than m log(d) nonadaptive linear measurements rather than the d measurements needed to recover an arbitrary signal of length d. Several research communities are interested in techniques for measuring and(More)
The concept of Wave Field Synthesis (WFS) nowadays is a well known audio reproduction method. Based on the Huygens principle numerous secondary sound sources (loudspeakers) are used to create a replica of a primary sources wave fronts. Due to the fact that there is no standardised speaker placement when using WFS the positioning of the secondary sources can(More)
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