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The design of M average-energy-constrained signals in additive white Gaussian noise is addressed. The long-standing strong simplex conjecture, which postulates that the regular simplex signal set maximizes the probability of correct detection under an average-energy constraint, is disproven. A signal set is presented that performs better than the regular(More)
BACKGROUND There are barriers to fasting lipid screening for at-risk children. Results of studies in adults have suggested that lipid testing might be reliably performed without fasting. OBJECTIVE To examine population-level differences in pediatric lipid values based on length of fast before testing. METHODS We used the National Health and Nutrition(More)
BACKGROUND The use of antiemetics for children with vomiting is one of the most controversial decisions in the treatment of gastroenteritis in developed countries. Ondansetron, a selective serotonin receptor antagonist, has been found to be effective in improving the success of oral rehydration therapy. However, North American and European clinical practice(More)
BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVE The near universality of otitis media with effusion (OME) in children makes a comparative review of treatment modalities important. This study's objective was to compare the effectiveness of surgical strategies currently used for managing OME. METHODS We identified 3 recent systematic reviews and searched 4 major electronic(More)
As separable states are a convex combination of product states, the geometry of the manifold of product states, Σ is studied. Prior results by Sanpera, Vidal and Tarrach are extended. Furthermore, it is proven that states in the set tangent to Σ at the maximally mixed state are separable; the set normal constains, among others, all maximally entangled(More)
Fermi-liquid theory (the standard model of metals) has been challenged by the discovery of anomalous properties in an increasingly large number of metals. The anomalies often occur near a quantum critical point--a continuous phase transition in the limit of absolute zero, typically between magnetically ordered and paramagnetic phases. Although not(More)