Michael J. Solomon

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A revolution in novel nanoparticles and colloidal building blocks has been enabled by recent breakthroughs in particle synthesis. These new particles are poised to become the 'atoms' and 'molecules' of tomorrow's materials if they can be successfully assembled into useful structures. Here, we discuss the recent progress made in the synthesis of nanocrystals(More)
Transitions in structural heterogeneity of colloidal depletion gels formed through short-range attractive interactions are correlated with their dynamical arrest. The system is a density and refractive index matched suspension of 0.20 volume fraction poly(methyl methacyrlate) colloids with the nonadsorbing depletant polystyrene added at a size ratio of(More)
We developed a method to grow Staphylococcus epidermidis bacterial biofilms and characterize their rheological properties in situ in a continuously fed bioreactor incorporated into a parallel plate rheometer. The temperature and shear rates of growth modeled bloodstream conditions, a common site of S. epidermidis infection. We measured the linear elastic(More)
The development of model materials and image processing methods to directly visualize and quantify colloidal rod assembly by means of confocal laser scanning microscopy (CLSM) is reported. Monodisperse fluorescent colloidal rods are prepared by the uniaxial extensional deformation of sterically stabilized microspheres at elevated temperatures. The particles(More)
Cellular clustering and separation of Staphylococcus epidermidis surface adherent biofilms were found to depend significantly on both antibiotic and environmental stress present during growth under steady flow. Image analysis techniques common to colloidal science were applied to image volumes acquired with high-resolution confocal laser scanning microscopy(More)
We report a simple correlation between microstructure and strain-dependent elasticity in colloidal gels by visualizing the evolution of cluster structure in high strain-rate flows. We control the initial gel microstructure by inducing different levels of isotropic depletion attraction between particles suspended in refractive index matched solvents.(More)
We report that previous polymer chain scission experiments in strong flows, long analyzed according to accepted laminar flow scission theories, were in fact affected by turbulence. We reconcile existing anomalies between theory and experiment with the hypothesis that the local stress at the Kolmogorov scale generates the molecular tension leading to polymer(More)
We report an experimental method to characterize the dynamics of colloidal rods by measuring their rotation and translation in three dimensions with confocal microscopy. The method relies on solvent viscosification to retard dynamics to time scales that are compatible with 3D confocal optical microscopy. Because the method yields a full three-dimensional(More)
We show that spin coating, an unsteady, nonuniform shear flow, produces spatiotemporal variation in the crystal order of concentrated colloidal dispersions that is a universal function of the local reduced critical stress and the macroscopic strain. The dependence of the crystal quality of model poly(methyl methacrylate) colloids on radial and axial(More)