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For a sequence s = (s 1 ,. .. , s n) of positive integers, an s-lecture hall partition is an integer sequence λ satisfying 0 ≤ λ 1 /s 1 ≤ λ 2 /s 2 ≤. .. ≤ λ n /s n. In this work, we introduce s-lecture hall polytopes, s-inversion sequences, and relevant statistics on both families. We show that for any sequence s of positive integers: (i) the h *-vector of(More)
Many invasive plant species strongly alter ecosystem processes by producing leaf litter that decomposes faster and releases N more quickly than that of native species. However, while most studies of invasive species litter impacts have only considered the decomposition of species in monoculture, forest litter layers typically contain litter from many(More)
Anthropogenic nitrogen deposition and projected increases in rainfall variability (the frequency of drought and heavy rainfall events) are expected to strongly influence ecosystem processes such as litter decomposition. However, how these two global change factors interact to influence litter decomposition is largely unknown. I examined how increased(More)
1. Climate change is expected to bring fewer, larger rainfall events and prolonged droughts (i.e. increased rainfall variability). Concurrently, the burning of fossil fuels and reliance on nitrogen (N) fertilizers are expected to continue to increase N availability in many ecosystems. These changes in water and N availability have the potential to alter(More)
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