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Herpes simplex virus type-1 (HSV1) in which the neurovirulence factor ICP34.5 is inactivated has been shown to direct tumour-specific cell lysis in several tumour models. Such viruses have also been shown to be safe in Phase I clinical trials by intra-tumoral injection in glioma and melanoma patients. Previous work has used serially passaged laboratory(More)
The length of stay of preterm babies discharged from a neonatal nursery was determined and the predictive value of perinatal factors on the duration of stay was assessed on 762 preterm Salford born babies admitted to Hope Hospital neonatal unit between April 1986 and November 1990. The data were analysed using multiple logistical regression and forward(More)
Eight cases of skeletal infection in preterm infants were studied. All the infants were systemically unwell, with polymorpholeucocytosis. Diagnosis was by blood culture, and any radiographic changes were apparent at the time of presentation. Infection was often multifocal, with sites around the knee being most commonly affected. Staphylococcus aureus was(More)
HIV-1 infection poses a challenge for psychiatrists of the medically ill. Many factors concerning the care of HIV-1-infected patients need to be considered when prescribing psychotropics. These include careful diagnosis, taking into account medical disorders associated with HIV-1 that can present with psychiatric symptoms, as well as medications that HIV-1(More)
INTRODUCTION Neonatal infection is an important cause of morbidity and mortality. Neonatal infection surveillance networks are necessary for defining the epidemiology of infections and monitoring changes over time. DESIGN Prospective multicentre surveillance using a web-based database. SETTING 12 English neonatal units. PARTICIPANTS Newborns admitted(More)
All of 16 infants with neonatal meningitis treated during a 30-month period were found to have accompanying ventriculitis at the time of the initial ventricular puncture. Fifteen of these infants were caused by gramm-negative organisms. All infants received antibiotics systemically and intraventricularly via an implanted ventriculostomy reservoir or by(More)
The impairment of mucociliary transport by dry air breathing and the restoration of function with subsequent humidification of inspired air were investigated in anesthetized dogs. Tracheal mucous velocity was measured by a cinebronchofiberscopic technique. The breathing of dry air through an uncuffed endotracheal tube produced almost complete cessation of(More)