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PURPOSE Handheld computer technology provides a unique opportunity for health care professionals to access real time or near real time patient information and evidence-based resources at the point-of-care. The purpose of this study was to assess one physician's experience using acute pain assessment software on a personal digital assistant (PDA) to assess(More)
UNLABELLED In this unblinded randomized control trial we compared electronic self-administered Pre-Admission Adult Anesthetic Questionnaires (PAAQ) using touchscreen technology with pen and paper. Patients were recruited in the Pre-assessment Clinic if they had completed a PAAQ in the surgeon's office. Patients were randomized to study PAAQ using paper,(More)
BACKGROUND Little is known about pain-related outcomes in surgical inpatients after discharge from the hospital. An ongoing risk and outcomes monitoring system would provide valuable feedback to improve the quality of patient care. OBJECTIVES The purpose of the present pilot study was to describe postoperative pain, medication use, health care utilization(More)
Electronic patient records provide an opportunity for real-time access to patient information at the bedside, which has the potential to improve healthcare quality because it would increase efficiency and facilitate best practice. Patients in this study reported that portable computers used at the bedside did not affect the clinician-patient relationship.(More)
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