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PURPOSE The bony skeleton serves as the scaffolding for the soft tissues of the face; however, age-related changes of bony morphology are not well defined. This study sought to compare the anatomic relationships of the facial skeleton and soft tissue structures between young and old men and women. METHODS A retrospective review of CT scans of 100(More)
PURPOSE To determine whether there is an objective benefit to prescribing Ritalin for patients with uncontrolled blepharospasm exists. METHODS Seven subjects with benign essential blepharospasm, who were being treated with botulinum toxin injections and Ritalin LA, were recruited for this pilot study. Patients were asked to participate during the period(More)
PURPOSE To accurately characterize anatomical age, gender, and racial differences in normal nasolacrimal canal morphology and to describe a new, accurate technique for measuring nasolacrimal canal parameters based on high-resolution CT. METHODS The CT images of 72 patients were reviewed retrospectively and grouped according to age, gender, and race.(More)
BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVE Porous anophthalmic orbital implants are used widely. This study evaluates risk factors for porous anophthalmic orbital implant complications and compares complication rates of hydroxyapatite, porous polyethylene, and polyglactin mesh-wrapped aluminum oxide implants. PATIENTS AND METHODS The records of 105 patients (110 eyes) who(More)
PURPOSE A small percentage of cases with essential blepharospasm or hemifacial spasm will become resistant to botulinum toxin A (Botox). We present our experience treating these patients with botulinum toxin B (Myobloc). METHODS We reviewed all charts of patients in one physician's practice who received botulinum toxin B after becoming refractory to(More)
PURPOSE The purpose of this study was to determine whether changes in Medicare reimbursement for punctal plug insertion were associated with a decrease in the incidence of insertion and dry eye diagnosis. METHODS Incident cases of dry eye syndrome (DES) diagnoses and punctal plug insertions among Medicare beneficiaries were identified from Medicare 5%(More)
A 45-year-old woman had a 1-year history of multiple small papules on both upper eyelids that waxed and waned in size and disappeared in the vicinity of a steroid injection site. Acne agminata (lupus miliaris disseminatus faciei, acnitis, papular tuberculid) is a rare form of necrotizing granulomatous inflammation of the dermis that has received scant(More)
Acquired eyelash hypertrichosis is associated with medications, systemic diseases, and ocular inflammation. The authors present a study showing that eyelash length is significantly longer following enucleation and evisceration surgery compared with the contralateral side. This may be related to factors involved in postoperative conjunctival and orbital(More)
OBJECTIVE Auricular cartilage is used as a surgical implant in the management of orbital floor fractures. However, no specific parameters exist regarding the use/limitations of this potential graft. In order to determine the mechanical efficacy of adult auricular cartilage grafts, a mechanical model was developed and studied for structural threshold size(More)
The authors report a 30-year-old Caucasian woman with nodular fasciitis presenting as a nontender lesion to right temporal area. The lesion was removed by en bloc excision and the base was cauterized. Six months later, the patient returned to the clinic for possible recurrence of lesion or for residual lesion; the patient was then injected with a total of 1(More)