Michael J Ramdass

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An accessory spleen is defined as ectopic splenic tissue that develops due to failure of fusion of cells during embryonic development as they migrate from the midline to the left upper quadrant. While benign, complications may arise which include trauma, torsion, or infarction of the ectopic tissue. Additionally, patients who have had a splenectomy(More)
BACKGROUND We sought to determine the association between the presence of a fecalith and acute/nonperforated appendicitis, gangrenous/perforated appendicitis and the healthy appendix. METHODS We retrospectively analyzed appendectomies performed between October 2003 and February 2012. We collected data on age, sex, appendix histology and the presence of a(More)
Although surgical drainage of pancreatic pseudocysts has been superseded by less invasive options, the requirement for specialized equipment, technical expertise, and consumables limits the options available in low resource settings. We describe the challenges experienced during endoscopic transmural drainage in a low resource setting and the methods used(More)
BACKGROUND Similar to global trends, laparoscopic appendectomy has gained favor across the Caribbean but there is a paucity of published data evaluating its outcomes in the region. This study seeks to document the outcomes of laparoscopic appendectomies performed by community surgeons in a low volume setting in the Caribbean. METHODS Data were recorded(More)
AIMS There is a cultural barrier to early medical intervention for diabetic foot infections in Trinidad & Tobago, stemming from the strong cultural belief in "soft candle" as effective treatment. We carried out a case-control study to evaluate the outcomes of "soft candle" to treat diabetic foot infections. METHODS ALL CONSECUTIVE PATIENTS ADMITTED WITH(More)
A novel now commonly used device in many countries called a "weed-wacker" is a mechanical rotating device with a cord used to trim lawns and grass. A case of a 14-year old boy with a false aneurysm of the brachial artery is presented; he sustained a missile injury by a piece of rusty steel projected by use of a weed wacker. Missile injuries by nail guns and(More)
BACKGROUND Brachial artery repair may be technically challenging with a paucity of guidelines. The use arm vein (AV) from the traumatized limb is herein described. METHODS Data were prospectively collected from 2002 to 2016 on brachial artery injury including age, sex, mechanism/site of injury, and repair technique. Categories included AV and non-arm vein(More)
The mysterious sebaceous horn (devil's horn) is a historically perplexing phenomenon of unknown etiology. It classically occurs on the sun-exposed areas of the face and hands and consists of a keratin mound with a benign base in most cases and squamous cell carcinoma occurring in about 20% of patients.
BACKGROUND An epidemiologic analysis of bone tumours in Trinidad & Tobago. METHODS A retrospective analysis of primary and secondary bone tumours, site of origin and demographic data was conducted. RESULTS 63 bone tumours were analysed and included 27 primary benign (43%), 12 primary malignant (19%), 19 metastatic (30%) and 5 by contiguous spread (8%).(More)
The incidence of tongue carcinoma in Trinidad and Tobago and the greater West Indies is unknown; therefore, the present study examines the frequency of tongue carcinoma cases, drawing comparisons to worldwide and regional data. A retrospective analysis of all confirmed cases of tongue carcinoma was conducted using eight years of data from the pathology(More)