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A prospective study of 100 post-evacuation barium enemas was done. Films were centered at McBurney's point, with an opaque skin marker at that point. Analysis of these revealed that in only one case (1%) was the base of the appendix at McBurney's point. In 67% it was cephalic and in 32% it was caudal to this point. The limitations of McBurney's point as an(More)
Fracture of the penis can be managed conservatively or surgically. Conservative management is associated with a high morbidity, and early surgical repair of the fracture is usually recommended in order to prevent complications. Because a fractured penis is swollen throughout its length, it is difficult to identify the fracture site accurately, so a(More)
An accessory spleen is defined as ectopic splenic tissue that develops due to failure of fusion of cells during embryonic development as they migrate from the midline to the left upper quadrant. While benign, complications may arise which include trauma, torsion, or infarction of the ectopic tissue. Additionally, patients who have had a splenectomy(More)
INTRODUCTION Rapunzel Syndrome is an uncommon presentation of trichobezoar, involving strands of swallowed hair extending as a tail through the small intestine, beyond the stomach. This was first described in 1968 and until 2003 only thirteen cases have been reported. CASE PRESENTATION A 55-year old man of East Indian descent presented to the surgical(More)
Rectus muscle haematoma is a well documented clinical entity, but its diagnosis remains elusive. A haematoma within the rectus sheath produces a painful, tender swelling that can mimic an intraperitoneal mass with features of an acute abdomen. Two patients with rectus haematomas presenting after bouts of prolonged coughing are reported. In both cases,(More)
PURPOSE Despite advancements in gallbladder surgery with the introduction of endoscopic and laparoscopic techniques, many surgeons, especially in the developing world, still perform open cholecystectomy with common bile duct (CBD) exploration for choledocholithiasis. The purpose of the study is to report the outcomes of a case series of open CBD exploration(More)
Peritoneal encapsulation is an exceedingly rare developmental abnormality in which the small intestine is encased in an accessory peritoneal sac between the omentum and mesocolon. Two clinical signs associated with the dense fibrous layer encapsulating the intestine are described. The first is a fixed, asymmetrical distension of the abdomen, which does not(More)
A 54-year-old hypothyroid male taking thyroxine and simvastatin presented with bilateral leg compartment syndrome and myonecrosis. Urgent fasciotomies were performed and the patient made an uneventful recovery with the withdrawal of simvastatin. It is likely that this complication will be seen more often with the increased worldwide use of this drug and its(More)
Blunt abdominal trauma with intraperitoneal injury usually presents acutely. On rare occasions, such patients can present later on with features of small bowel obstruction due to stricture formation. It is thought that such a delayed stricture is due to subclinical bowel perforation, localised gut ischaemia, or injury to the mesenteric vasculature. This(More)