Michael J Rae

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The three great foundations of human knowledge are, nature, mind, and God The mind, next to God, is the most important subject for the contemplation of man; and a right appreciation of its powers, nature, and destiny, is essential to his welfare and happiness, and to his elevation to a higher state of intellectual and moral existence. The human mind has(More)
  • Michael J Rae
  • The journals of gerontology. Series A, Biological…
  • 2005
LAST year’s double special sections of the Journal on ‘‘Anti-Aging Medicine’’ featured several contributions from the distinguished experimentalist Leonard Hayflick. Among these was ‘‘‘Anti-Aging’ is an Oxymoron,’’(1) which ends with a question that clearly lays out the importance of the subject of these issues: since there is an ‘‘almost universal belief(More)
UlERE are few, if any, branches of study of sucli vital importance, that are so often wholly neglected, and so frequently little appreciated, as Mental Philosophy. Whilst our knowledge of the laws of nature has been continually progressing, and every year has been biinging fresh and valuable accessions to our previous acquaintance with the physical(More)
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