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Modern CAD systems generate feature-based product shape models with parameterization and constraints. Until recently, standards for CAD data exchange among different CAD systems were restricted to the exchange of pure shape information. These standards ignored the construction history, parameters, constraints, features and other elements of 'design intent'(More)
This paper discusses the informational requirements of rapid prototyping and layered manufacturing (RPLM). The study is motivated by the recent decision to embark on the development of a new Application Protocol for the international standard ISO 10303, speci®cally to handle layered manufacturing information. The most common industrial use of RPLM today is(More)
The international standard ISO 10303 (STEP) for the exchange of product models and associated data between different computer aided design (CAD) and other engineering systems was ®rst issued in 1994. This paper reports on current work on extending the standard to enable the capture and transfer of parametrized CAD models with geometric constraints, a(More)