Michael J. Phillips

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We develop bootstrap methods for constructing conndence regions, including intervals and simultaneous bands, in the context of estimating the intensity function of a non-stationary Poisson process. Several diierent resampling algorithms are suggested, ranging from resampling a Poisson process with intensity equal to that estimated nonparametrically from the(More)
Current retinal prosthetics are designed to stimulate existing neural circuits in diseased retinas to create a visual signal. However, implantation of retinal prosthetics may create a neurotrophic environment that also leads to improvements in visual function. Possible sources of increased neuroprotective effects on the retina may arise from electrical(More)
PURPOSE Retinal prosthetics have been designed to interface with the neural retina by electrically stimulating the remaining retinal circuits after photoreceptor degeneration. However, the electrical stimulation provided by the subretinal implant may also stimulate neurotrophic factors that provide neuroprotection to the retina. This study was undertaken to(More)
Modern fluorescence microscopic techniques were used to image the bile canalicular system in the intact rat liver, in vivo. By combining the use of sodium fluorescein secretion into bile, with digitally enhanced fluorescence microscopy and time-lapse video, it was possible to capture and record the canalicular motility events that accompany the secretion of(More)
A biosonar measurement tool (BMT) was created to investigate dolphin echolocation search strategies by recording echolocation clicks, returning echoes, and three-dimensional angular motion, velocity, and depth of free-swimming dolphins performing open-water target detections. Trial start and stop times, locations determined from a differential global(More)
A thing is right when it tends to preserve the integrity, stability, and beauty of the biotic community. It is not when it tends otherwise. " Aldo Leopold-A Sand County Almanac Forest streams, lakes, and other water bodies create unique conditions along their margins that control and influence transfers of energy, nutrients, and sediments between 'aquatic(More)
  • John H Gibbons, Jane Anderson, Jules Bauermann, Lowrie M Beacham, John Bennett, Judy Braiman-Lipson +62 others
  • 1979
In this study OTA addressed the practicality of open shelf-life dating of food to disclose food freshness to the consumer. The Office of Technology Assessment formed a panel of consumer representatives , food retailers, processors, wholesalers, scientific experts, and State and Federal Government officials. Staffs of the Congressional Research Service, the(More)
The mode of action of cytochalasin B was examined in vitro using bile canaliculus-enriched plasma membrane fractions isolated from rat liver. The pericanalicular microfilaments, which are mainly actin filaments and which are normally attached to the canalicular membranes, were dissociated from the membranes by cytochalasin B treatment. A microfilamentous(More)