Michael J. Phillips

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We develop bootstrap methods for constructing conndence regions, including intervals and simultaneous bands, in the context of estimating the intensity function of a non-stationary Poisson process. Several diierent resampling algorithms are suggested, ranging from resampling a Poisson process with intensity equal to that estimated nonparametrically from the(More)
In this study OTA addressed the practicality of open shelf-life dating of food to disclose food freshness to the consumer. The Office of Technology Assessment formed a panel of consumer representatives , food retailers, processors, wholesalers, scientific experts, and State and Federal Government officials. Staffs of the Congressional Research Service, the(More)
BACKGROUND Recent advances in GIS technology and remote sensing have provided new opportunities to collect ecologic data on agricultural pesticide exposure. Many pesticide studies have used historical or records-based data on crops and their associated pesticide applications to estimate exposure by measuring residential proximity to agricultural fields.(More)
iii Foreword udget stress, political change, and heightened global competition are forcing a reexamination of conservation and environmental programs for U.S. agriculture. Questions about reauthorizing the Conservation Reserve Program typify the tradeoffs. Currently, that effort is the major solution to environmental problems related to agriculture. But(More)
A large body of evidence has confirmed that the indoor air pollution (IAP) from biomass fuel use is a major cause of premature deaths, and acute and chronic diseases. Over 78% of Sri Lankans use biomass fuel for cooking, the major source of IAP in developing countries. We conducted a review of the available literature and data sources to profile biomass(More)
This research brief examines environmental health risk and biomass fuel stove use in Sri Lanka. For the majority of Sri Lankan households, biomass fuel is the main resource for cooking. These fuels are a major source of indoor air pollution (IAP). Sri Lanka's population demographic trends show both a large young population and a sizeable aging population,(More)
  • Michael E Charles Council Chamber, Galbraith Building, Yu-Ling Cheng, Vanessa Abaya, J Stewart, Aitchison Mohannad +49 others
  • 2009
1. Welcome/Adoption of the Agenda The Speaker, Professor Yu-Ling Cheng, thanked members joining the meeting and welcomed all present to the Faculty Council meeting. She noted that a revised agenda was distributed at the beginning of the meeting. On a motion duly moved and seconded, it was resolved THAT the agenda be adopted.