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OBJECTIVE Variations in breast MRI techniques and descriptions of morphologic findings led to the development of a breast MRI lexicon. This lexicon, the American College of Radiology's BI-RADS-MRI, includes terminology for describing lesion architecture and enhancement characteristics. We show the use of these descriptors on breast MR images obtained at our(More)
OBJECTIVE Confirmation of lesion retrieval after MRI-guided needle localization and surgical excision of breast lesions are difficult because the targeted lesion is not enhanced ex vivo. The aim of this study was to determine the feasibility of using specimen radiography to verify lesion removal after MRI-guided needle localization and surgical excision. (More)
OpenGL is a hardware-independent specification of a 3D graphics programming interface. This specification has been implemented on many different vendors' platforms with different CPU types and graphics hardware, ranging from PC-based board solutions to high-performance workstations. The OpenGL API defines an interface (to graphics hardware) that deals(More)
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