Michael J. O’Grady

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Agent Factory is a cohesive framework for the development and deployment of multi-agent systems. Since its inception in the mid 1990s, Agent Factory has gone through a metamorphosis process, whereby several new extensions, revisions, and enhancements have been made. This chapter provides a discussion of the incremental developments in Agent Factory and(More)
This paper advocates the use of mobile intentional agents as a key enabler in the delivery of ambient intelligence. Ambient computing as an ideal demands levels of functional attainment that have hithertofar not been realised. Ambient applications demand that the computing application be subsumed into the everyday context in an unobtrusive manner with(More)
BACKGROUND Screening to detect prediabetes and diabetes enables early prevention and intervention. This study describes the number and characteristics of asymptomatic, undiagnosed adults in the United States who could be detected with prediabetes and type 2 diabetes using the American Diabetes Association (ADA) guidelines compared to the United States(More)
With the rapid development of the micro-grid associated with new and clean energies, the smooth switching between grid-connected and islanded operation modes of the micro-grid is a key issue that needs to be addressed urgently. In traditional solutions, V/f (Voltage/frequency) control is adopted for the master micro sources when the micro-grid works in(More)
INtrODUctION Mobility is, as the name suggests, the defining characteristic of mobile computing and the primary differentiator between it and other computer usage paradigms. Traditionally, computers were used in what may be termed a static context. However, when computers are used in a mobile context, a number of difficulties that challenge traditional(More)
IntroductIon Ambient intelligence (AmI) is a relatively new and distinct interpretation of the mobile computing paradigm. However, its recognition that embedded intelligence, either in actuality or perception, is an essential prerequisite if mobile computing is to realize its potential distinguishes it from other mobile usage paradigms. Though stressing the(More)
INTRODUCTION Mobile computing has fundamentally challenged many aspects and tenets of what was perceived, and experienced, by most people in traditional computing scenarios. Though a radical paradigm shift in itself, nevertheless, it was only over time that the nature of mobile computing began to crystallise. Indeed, it must be observed that this is an(More)
Conventional historical data based material and energy balance analyses are static and isolated computations. Such methods cannot embody the cross-coupling effect of energy flow, material flow and information flow in the process industry; furthermore, they cannot easily realize the effective evaluation and comparison of different energy transfer processes(More)