Michael J. O'Grady

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Ambient Intelligence represents a vision of the future whereby the world will be saturated with embedded electronic devices that are sensitive and responsive to people. This technology will combine the concepts of intelligent systems with that of pervasive computing. Intelligent agents of varying capabilities will provide the foundations for many(More)
BACKGROUND The value of continuous glucose monitoring in the management of type 1 diabetes mellitus has not been determined. METHODS In a multicenter clinical trial, we randomly assigned 322 adults and children who were already receiving intensive therapy for type 1 diabetes to a group with continuous glucose monitoring or to a control group performing(More)
OBJECTIVE We developed a novel population-level model for projecting future direct spending on diabetes. The model can be used in the federal budget process to estimate the cost implications of alternative policies. RESEARCH DESIGN AND METHODS We constructed a Markov model simulating individuals' movement across different BMI categories, the incidence of(More)
OBJECTIVES To determine whether an intense tai chi (TC) exercise program could reduce the risk of falls more than a wellness education (WE) program in older adults meeting criteria for transitioning to frailty. DESIGN Randomized, controlled trial of 48 weeks duration. SETTING Twenty congregate living facilities in the greater Atlanta area. (More)
UNLABELLED Recent research has identified high hepatitis C virus (HCV) prevalence among older U.S. residents who contracted HCV decades ago and may no longer be recognized as high risk. We assessed the cost-effectiveness of screening 100% of U.S. residents born 1946-1970 over 5 years (birth-cohort screening), compared with current risk-based screening, by(More)
BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE Tai chi, a Chinese exercise derived from martial arts, while gaining popularity as an intervention for reducing falls in older adults, also may improve health status. The purpose of this study was to determine whether intense tai chi (TC) exercise could improve perceived health status and self-rated health (SRH) more than wellness(More)
The challenge presented by ambient intelligence and pervasive computing is an environment within which computing artifacts become seamlessly merged into our surroundings, whereby interaction with such artifacts becomes intuitive and unobtrusive, where the devices become sensitive to the presence of people and are imbued with the ability to anticipate and(More)
OBJECTIVES To determine, in a cohort of older individuals transitioning to frailty (defined by Speechley and Tinetti, 1991) who have previously fallen, whether there are significant associations between demographic, functional, and behavioral characteristics and activity-related fear of falling, using both the Falls Efficacy Scale (FES) and the(More)
BACKGROUND Few data exist to evaluate whether Tai Chi (TC) training improves physical performance and hemodynamic outcomes more than a wellness education (WE) program does among older fallers transitioning to frailty. METHODS This 48-week randomized clinical trial was provided at 10 matched pairs of congregate living facilities in the Atlanta metropolitan(More)
Intelligent agents offer a viable paradigm for enabling AmI applications and services. As WSN technologies are anticipated to provide an indispensable component in many application domains, the need for enabling the agent paradigm to encompass such technologies becomes more urgent. The resource-constrained ad-hoc nature of WSNs poses significant challenges(More)