Michael J. O’Brien

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University employees are not prohibited from seeking public office by virtue of their University employment. However, employee-candidates must ensure that they comply with state law, Regents' Policy, and University Regulation. 1 Successful candidates for the state legislature will be required by state law to resign university employment upon taking office.(More)
Modeling work suggests that population size affects cultural evolution such that larger populations can be expected to have richer and more complex cultural repertoires than smaller populations. Empirical tests of this hypothesis, however, have yielded conflicting results. Here, we report a study in which we investigated whether the subsistence toolkits of(More)
A life-history trade-off between low mortality in the dark and rapid growth in the light is one of the most widely accepted mechanisms underlying plant ecological strategies in tropical forests. Differences in plant functional traits are thought to underlie these distinct ecological strategies; however, very few studies have shown relationships between(More)
Manufacturing modeling and simulation has historically been equipment-centric. This equipment-centric view is an imperfect representation of a real-world factory where Operators' decision-making processes drive manufacturing. This paper evaluates rudimentary enhancements to a simulation tool allowing for Operator-centric modeling. The results of these(More)
The " North Atlantic Ice-Edge Corridor " hypothesis proposes that sometime during the Last Glacial Maximum, roughly 26,500e19,000 years ago, human populations from southern France and the Iberian Peninsula made their way across the North Atlantic and colonized North America. A key element of that hypothesis is the apparent similarity between(More)
When physicians consider which analgesia to use postsurgery, the primary goal is to relieve pain with minimal adverse side effects. Bupivacaine, a commonly used analgesic, has been formulated into an aqueous suspension of multivesicular liposomes that provide long-lasting analgesia for up to 72 hours, while avoiding the adverse side effects of opioids. The(More)
Disclaimer The statements and conclusions contained in this report are those of the authors. and do not necessarily reflect the views of the Department of Housing and Urban Development. The authors have made every effort to verify the accuracy and appropriateness of the report's content. However , no guarantee of the accuracy or completeness of the(More)
PURPOSE This study was designed to compare functional outcomes in patients undergoing revision repair of massive rotator cuff tears (retracted medial to the glenoid) with Goutallier Grade 4 atrophy and concomitant release of the suprascapular nerve to a similar group of patients with Grade 3 atrophy undergoing revision rotator cuff repair (RTCR) without(More)