Michael J. Morten

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It is clear that a crowded environment influences the structure, dynamics, and interactions of biological molecules, but the complexity of this phenomenon demands the development of new experimental and theoretical approaches. Here we use two complementary single-molecule FRET techniques to show that the kinetics of DNA base pairing and unpairing, which are(More)
The first single-molecule fluorescence detection of a structurally-defined synthetic carbohydrate is reported: a heparan sulfate (HS) disaccharide fragment labeled with Alexa488. Single molecules have been measured whilst freely diffusing in solution and controlled encapsulation in surface-tethered lipid vesicles has allowed extended observations of(More)
DNA three-way junctions (3WJs) are branched structures that serve as important biological intermediates and as components in DNA nanostructures. We recently derived the global structure of a fully complementary 3WJ and found that it contained unpaired bases at the branchpoint, which is consistent with previous observations of branch flexibility and(More)
A characteristic property of colloidal semiconductor nanocrystal quantum dots (QDs) is their emission intermittency. Although a unifying theory of QD photoprocesses remains elusive, the importance of charged states is clear. We now report a new approach to directly study the role of surface charge on QD emission by adding metal ions to individual, core-only(More)
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