Michael J. Mitchell

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— We introduce BEAT (Bio-Environmental Android Tracking), which provides methods for collecting, processing, and archiving one's daily vital and spatiotemporal statistics using off-the-shelf wireless devices and biologic and environmental sensors. BEAT can operate in a self-contained manner on a mobile device and analyze vital information in real time. It(More)
Committee Member The Graduate School has verified and approved the above-named committee members, and certifies that the dissertation has been approved in accordance with university requirements. iii To my wife and family for their unconditional support iv ACKNOWLEDGMENTS My deepest gratitude is owed to my advisor and major professor Dr. Andy Wang. From his(More)
The ability to delete sensitive data securely from electronic storage is becoming an increasing concern. However, current per-file deletion solutions tend to be limited to one segment of the operating system's storage data path, and may leave behind sensitive data when interacting with storage components such as journaling, file-system caches, and certain(More)
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