Michael J. McGrady

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BACKGROUND Man-induced mortality of birds caused by electrocution with poorly-designed pylons and power lines has been reported to be an important mortality factor that could become a major cause of population decline of one of the world rarest raptors, the Spanish imperial eagle (Aquila adalberti). Consequently it has resulted in an increasing awareness of(More)
Although the Middle East supports a high level of avian biodiversity, the ecology of relatively few species that use the region has been studied in detail. Despite its restricted breeding distribution in the Middle East, and apparent unfavorable conservation status, little is known about the population ecology of the Sooty Falcon (Falco concolor), one of(More)
Factors influencing vital demographic rates and population dynamics can vary across phases of population growth. We studied factors influencing survival and fidelity of peregrine falcons in south Scotland—north England at two stages of population growth: when the population was recovering from pesticide-related declines and density was low, and when it had(More)
The Kolona Gateway is a modular, cross-domain and multilevel security gateway capable of connecting the Global Information Grid (GIG) in a pluggable manner to civilian air traffic management authorities worldwide in a NextGen context. The Kolona On-Time System is a multipurpose container built to NextGen specifications as a framework for the Gateway(More)
  • M. McGrady
  • 2008
The principal innovation in this paper is to make code as well as data net-centric, i.e., not merely available system wide but dynamically and selectively available as a part of standard operations. The result is a built in capability for systems or networks to evolve without interrupting their operation. This is built on architectural principles that, even(More)
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